100 Ltrs Solar Water Heater

About 220volts.in

Elektro Power Systems was founded with the vision that “Energy Returns On Energy Invested” is a business insight that could help India’s effort to mitigate climate change, provide grid independence and also help indigenously meet demands by producing green energy. 220volts.in expects to ENERGIZE, EMPOWER and ENHANCE people or consumers, business houses and organizations.

A truly knowledge driven company, with innovation at its heart, we are marketplace for Tubular Batteries, Automotive Batteries, UPS, Solar Products and more developed intelligent power back-up solutions, engineered to be energy efficient and thus reduce the user’s carbon footprint.

We offer to our customer a wide range of Tubular Batteries that produce high power & Amp capacity and stands for tough operating conditions. These batteries are designed extremely strong and assembled with tubular positive and negative pasted flat plates, using micro porous separators for insulation. This system reduces the topping up frequency, which is supported with proper voltage control in case of 12V batteries once in six month and in a year.

1. To provide end-to-end solutions for smart, new and upcoming efficient energy technologies.

2. To enable explosive growth in the adoption of smart technologies in urban, semi-urban, rural and industrial consumption.

3. To build a brand of leading quality for cost-effective energy solutions in the market.

4. To provide a compelling value proposition to today’s consumer so this in the larger perspective propels the country into the forefront of green revolution.

5. To maintain a high QoS (Quality of Service) with constant vigilance to prevent deterioration of brand-name and corporate responsibility.

6. To take the next step by incorporating carbon of-setting solutions and carbon-credits for the large emitters.

7. To maintain strong ethics and values whilst growing.

8. The manufacturing of these products is not envisioned immediately but it may be initiated in course of time depending on the company’s need to deliver to the market.